Thursday, 17 March 2016

OMG!; See The Shocking X-rated Tattoo This Self Confessed 'Rebel' Got For Himself. Photos

A 23-year-old man went ahead with plans to have a large, sexually explicit tattoo inked onto his back despite being warned he would live to regret it. Self-confessed 'rebel' Jack Woodman, from Bristol, came up with his idea to have the portrait of himself in an X-rated position because it shows him doing 'something I love.'

He told Channel 4 show Bodyshockers, which returns for a new series this evening: 'It will be the biggest tattoo I have ever had and it will offend a lot of people.' He also had to have an elaborate owl tattoo on his chest to cover up the name of an ex-girlfriend he once had tattooed onto his body.