Friday, 18 March 2016

Wealthy Father Throws His 17-Year-Old Daughter A $6 Million Birthday Party. See Photos

When money talks....Maya Henry, 15, from San Antonio, Texas, was thrown a $6 million party by her lawyer father Thomas J Henry....Music stars -Pitbull and Nick Jonas performed, Patrick Ta, who has worked with the Kardashians, did Maya's make-up and her two dresses were created specially by designer Rolando Santana....The party, attended by 600, took place at a purpose-built 55,000 square-foot venue in San Antonio and decorated with 30-foot tall cherry trees...See pics from the birthday....

Photos Of ISIS Militants Carrying Out Honey Harvesting And Extraction

The Islamic State Jihad group has released propaganda pictures of its fighters engaging in Honey Harvesting & Extraction in Sirte City, Libya...See more pictures below; 

Thursday, 17 March 2016

Fisherman Whose Fingers Were Cut By Machine Rescued From Yellow Sea. Photos

These pictures show how maritime rescue chopper rushed to the Yellow Sea in China to help a fisherman who had been stranded in the waters after two of his fingers were cut off in a machine accident on January 6, 2016. A rescue helicopter flew a distance of 210 nautical miles to reach the injured fisherman and took him to a hospital in nearby Weihai city for treatment.

OMG!; See The Shocking X-rated Tattoo This Self Confessed 'Rebel' Got For Himself. Photos

A 23-year-old man went ahead with plans to have a large, sexually explicit tattoo inked onto his back despite being warned he would live to regret it. Self-confessed 'rebel' Jack Woodman, from Bristol, came up with his idea to have the portrait of himself in an X-rated position because it shows him doing 'something I love.'

Very Eventful: Pigs Launch Riot On Highway . See Photos

A total of sixty-six pigs rambled around on a highway after the truck carrying them rolled over in south ‪‎China‬’s Guangxi Province, on January 6, 2016. The pigs, once freed from the cage, roamed the highway, while those injured laid where they had fallen.